Hullquist, Jeanes; explore the river’s life

Allison B. Hudson
The duo are filming a documentary about life on the river, and what they find along the way.

They both agreed that along this journey, they have met some interesting set of human beings that leads them to their next idea documentary on religion.

The two have stayed with Mormons, Seven Day Adventists, Baptists, and even gays for that matter, and learn that all have their own definition of religion. The duo will explore who is right when it comes to religion.

Jeanes said it would take them approximately two years or so to work on this do to the research, but other projects would come along the way.

The two will be finished with this journey by the end of the week in time to hit the movie festival in Oakridge, Tenn. where they have won an award for there Hitchhiking documentary. The Secret City film festival is set for Oct. 8.

The Secret City Film Festival is celebrating its sixth year this year. The festival was founded by award-winning documentary filmmaker Keith McDaniel and is produced by his company, Secret City Films.

Although the duo only made stop in Donaldsonville for a few hours, the two racked up on history and may venture back to the area in the near future.

If interested you can visit there website for more information at or to view snippets of there trip up the Mississippi River, visit

Phillip Hullquist and Ryan Jeanes kayak down the Mississippi River in a three months span from Lake Itasci.