FIVE THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT the dance program at Donaldsonville High School.

Allison B. Hudson
Students practice daily for their dance routine with dance instructor Kellie St. Cyr.

1. What are the goals of the dance program?

One of the main goals of the dance program is to give the students exposure to new things. Donaldsonville High School has a huge social dance culture and many of the students are naturally talented, but very few of them are exposed to organized dance techniques, especially modern dance. Many of the students find the dance forms to be strange at first and then gradually get comfortable with them. Another goal is simply to allow the students to be involved in an aspect of school that they really enjoy, but also takes hard work and responsibility. 

2. What is the program, as far as the curriculum for the school?

This year, the dance program is offered as an elective to seventh grade and high school students. The students learn ballet; jazz, modern, and hip-hop dance techniques and have two days a week where they learn to choreograph and do creative movement. Each semester culminates in an hour-long dance concert.

3. Where did the idea come from to incorporate dance in the school?

Dr. Esrom Pitre, the principal, was very interested in expanding the students’ options for electives and was look for a new way to allow parents to get involved and see their children involved. When I emailed him suggesting he start a dance program, it just made sense.

4. Who's involved? What type of events that you all have participated in during the school year?

Any student can be in the dance class as long as they are willing to work hard and get up and move every day. 

The students put on a dance concert at the end of every semester to showcase what they have learned throughout the semester. They've also participated in school spirit functions when invited. 

5. What is your background in dance? 

Kellie St. Cyr teaches dance at Donaldsonville High, she earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in dance education from the University of Southern Mississippi and has been teaching at dance studios since she was 14 years old. 

pictured is one of the Donaldsonville High School’s dance classes. The dance program is a new program that started at the beginning of this school year by the principal Dr. Esrom Pitre.