ACOA remembers Black History Month

(Left to right) Carolyn Diggs, Velma Haymond and Bertha McBride sit in front of Nanette Daigle of the ACOA and Kathe Hambrick of the River Road African American Museum at the Senior Center Monday.

The Ascension Council on Aging Senior Center in Donaldsonville commemorated Black History Month Monday with Kathe Hambrick of the River Road African American Museum in Donaldsonville. Hambrick brought in a film to show the seniors entitled “Let Freedom Sing: How music inspired the Civil Rights Movement.

“It allows audiences a chance to reflect on history and how far we have come as people,” Hambrick said about the film. “It’s interesting to see how races worked together.”

The film featured music legends such as Bob Dylan, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Peter, Paul and Mary.

“They really got excited about the gospel music from ones like Sam Cooke,” Hambrick said.

Gloria Allen, a resident at the Senior Center said the watching the film helped her to understand better and she remembered a lot of the songs featured. One of her favorites was Sam Cooke’s “Change is gonna come.”

“I like the music. The music helped tell the story,” Allen said after the film. “That’s the kind of music I listened to when I was a teenager.”

Hambrick said she thought the film was something good to show rather than lecturing and she said learning the history of the songs such as “We shall overcome” was good as well.