Book scholarships for Dville students

Staff Report
The Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, Donaldsonville.

DONALDSONVILLE – The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council of the City of Donaldsonville (MYAC) rolls out the red carpet on Dec. 5 for an Oscars-style affair at the Lemann Center, Donaldsonville. 

     In addition to the glitz, MYAC will award six book scholarships to graduates who serve as a positive example to young people, demonstrate outstanding youth leadership,  promote responsible citizenship and achieved a significant civic accomplishment at school or in the community. The graduating class of 2015 from Ascension Catholic High School and Donaldsonville High School who meet the minimum requirements are welcome to apply. Deadline for scholarship applications is Nov. 21.

     The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council consists of a group of diverse, young leaders committed to making a difference in Donaldsonville. They work on issues important to youth, talk to their peers, families and neighbors about their concerns and take action to address them. MYAC Commissioners represent high school students in their schools and neighborhoods. They meet with leaders of the community like the Mayor, City Council members, business owners and community groups to advocate for youth. MYAC meetings are open. MYAC’s motto is “Young People Leading the Way to a Better Tomorrow”.

     For sponsorship, scholarship application and/or ticket information, Tamiko Garrison at (225) 803-4042, Stacy Giror at City Hall or visit