“Community Crossover” seeks to re-connect Donaldsonville

Leslie D. Rose @DvilleNewsie

     Older residents often talk about what Donaldsonville used to be – A place where there was once unity throughout the local neighborhoods, a time where the camaraderie among residents ran deep.

     34-year-old Shannon L. Comery Sr. said he has been hearing older family members and residents speak on their desires to revitalize the community they once knew. And so the concept of the Community Crossover was born.

     “The vision of the Community Crossover was birthed through a major concern of division that’s seen throughout the community,” Comery said.  [It] has been set in place to bring back what the older generation would refer to as ‘great memories’.”

     Comery, a resident and graduate of Donaldsonville High School said he wants the event to help create similar memories for younger residents.

     “We must begin by rebuilding the word community,” Comery said. “The “C” at the head of the word stands for the church – this is why the Community Crossover is calling upon every church throughout the community to come out and participate with their choirs, liturgical dancers so that we as a church can crossover into the new year together.”

     Comery also called upon business owners, educational leaders, social clubs and community leaders, who he referred to as the “Y” at the end of the word community, representing the word ‘you’.

     “You are the end result of the community so with the church participation and your participation we can crossover as one voice,  one vision and one village,” he said.

     The first of what is planned to be an annual event will be held at Donaldsonville High School on Dec. 27 at 3 p.m. The attire will be Product of Donaldsonville shirts. Anyone without a shirt may contact Sharon Harris (225) 717-9598,  Avril Comery (225) 921-9941 or Tania Comery (225) 323-1995. Avril Comery may also be contacted for sponsorship questions. Proceeds from shirt sales will go toward a filed trip for Donaldsonville High School’s ninth grade academy students.

     “I’m looking forward to seeing you at this event – I’m expecting every year to be greater, exciting and something that the community looks forward to attending,” Comery said.