Remembering Donaldsonville

Leslie D. Rose @DvilleNewsie

     84-year-old Doris Willis Gracia may not remember much these days, but she'll never forget living in Donaldsonville.

     In her book titled, "The Girl from Silver Creek," Gracia gives detailed accounts of all the places she lived as a child, including her time as a young girl in 1940's, WWII era Donaldsonville, where her father worked at Humble Oil Company (Standard Oil Company).

     She recounts that Donaldsonville was her favorite place to live.

     "I get nostalgic just thinking about it," she wrote.

     The chapter references ferry rides on the Mississippi, shopping at Lemann's, picking blueberries by the river, nights playing Bingo, neighbors sharing gumbo and much more of what is the essence of Donaldsonville living, even today. 

     "Everyone seemed to enjoy their lives," Gracia noted.

     Around the time Gracia first published her book, she was recognized by Mayor Leroy Sullivan.

     "I appreciate that you devoted your time, effort and fond memories to writing the [story] on Donaldsonville," Sullivan addressed Gracia. "Through your [story], I was also able to reminisce about the peppermint factory and the Grand Theatre.

     Donaldsonville is still a great place to live."

     A bit of joy can be heard in Gracia's voice whenever she mentions her time living in Donaldsonville - memories she'll hold on to for the rest of her life.

     She received the key to the city from Sullivan, along with a few other cherished items.

     Gracia's 190 page book of short stories from the life of a nurse from Silver Creek, Miss. is available at