Around Town

Juanita C. Pearley
Robyn Penn Delaney briefing the volunteers at a meeting to advise of the courses being offered at the program which includes, reading, handwriting skills, and math as well as a preview of the t-shirts the students and volunteers will be wearing.


Caring for and taking interest for all the students on the west side of Ascension Parish is what School Board Representative for District 1, Robyn Penn Delaney dedication is about. Delaney has again organized the “Jump Start” refresher program for students Pre-K – 12th grade. Last year several local churches joined together to hold the program in central located areas and on different dates. This year Mayor Leroy Sullivan has granted the use of the Lemann Community Center as the central location for the program. This will allow all students to be in one central location. The program will be July 25 to July 29, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Many thanks go out to the churches and business for their donations which is being used for supplies and a free shirt to all students in attendance. So far 216 students have registered to attend. Delaney said it’s her goal to have 250 by the time the program starts. Teachers and paraprofessionals are welcome to come help. Registration forms can be picked up at City Hall.

Capable Despite Disability

Striving and surviving are the words of one man whose life won’t be hindered by his disability. John Gray may have one leg to stand on, but seeing him work and ride a bicycle, you would never know it.

John lost his leg because of medical reasons, but that does not stop him from living his life. He is still capable of doing the work of any full body person. Taking pride in the work he does is what it’s all about. John can be seen around town doing landscaping detail for local business, which employs him in spite of his handicap.  


July 4, 2016 was more than the nation’s birthday, more than a day off from work, it was a day declared by proclamation by Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa as Andrew Leblanc, Sr. Day. Mr. Leblanc celebrated his birthday on July 4th with family and friends.    

A proclamation was also issued to the Kocke family for 100 years of service to the community. Mimi Kocke accepted the proclamation on behalf of her family. Elray Kocke Service continues to be a family owned and operated business in Donaldsonville. President Matassa told the story of a local resident who purchased a piano and was not able to have it placed in the home. Kocke Services was called out because they were the only business in Donaldsonville that was equipped to move the piano. Today they are still proud to serve the residents of Donaldsonville and surrounding areas.


Donalsonville has become the place to be for business. Searching for a place to bring a business to Donaldsonville is what brought these gentlemen to our fair city. It’s the right location to provide the community with our services and we hope to find a site to start up said Dr. Carl Williams.   

Know Your Roots

Kathe Hambrick-Jackson, Executive Director of the River Road African American Museum (RRAAM) offered the public the opportunity to attend a free three-hour class on genealogy from on July 9.

The class instructor was a genealogy specialist with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The class was intended to teach you how you can be a part of the Freedmen’s Bureau Project. The project is helping African Americans reconnect with their Civil War-era ancestors. The historic national project is seeking volunteers to participate in the workshop to begin building their own family tree.

It is important to make sure that Louisiana is represented in the efforts to index these records. The class helped researchers put their ancestors back on the historical landscape where they lived. These were some of the comments presented by those attending the workshop.

Congrats to all! Great work Kathe! We appreciate you! A big success! This is an outstanding opportunity. Knowledge of ancestral details is empowering. Let’s do it again.