Sippin' tea with seven-year-old talk show host, L'Rae Taylor

Leslie D. Rose @DvilleNewsie
L'Rae Taylor Celestine

L'Rae Taylor Celestine is no typical seven-year-old. The second grade student spends her free time hosting the new YouTube web series, Tea Time with Taylor, where she dishes about all of the latest toys and technology. The young host who is the daughter of Earl Celestine and Lakisa Lemann Celestine, of Donaldsonville, has aspirations of growing to become a famous professional in the entertainment industry. With the help of her Godmother and Donaldsonville resident, Whitney Christy, L'Rae Taylor is off to the spotlight she desires.

Chief: What's Tea Time with Taylor all about?

LT: Tea Time with Taylor is a Vlog I created with the help of my nanny, Whitney Christy, that allows me to discuss different topics and review items that I like.

Chief: What has been your favorite episode to record and why? 

LT:My favorite episode I have recorded, was the unboxing of my Harley Quinn toy and the crayola paint maker. It is my favorite because I was able to tell what I liked and didn't like about both items.

Chief: Whose idea was it for you to star in a YouTube series? 

LT:It was my idea to star in a YouTube series.

Chief: Is it scary to know that so many people around the world can watch your show?

LT: No, it is not scary knowing so many people can watch my show, because when I am filming it's only me and my nanny at that time, so I don't need to be nervous.

Chief: What other topics do you hope to discuss on future shows, and do you think you will do interviews on your show? 

LT:Future topics I hope to discuss are life hacks and cooking. Yes, I plan on doing interviews on my show. I want my first interview to be with this famous donut maker that lives in New Orleans.

Chief:What do you want to do as a career someday? 

LT:Someday I would like to be a famous make-up artist.

Chief:Any advice for other children who want to star in a show? 

LT: My advice to children wanting to star in a show is to just be yourself and never give up.

Chief: Why should people watch your show? 

LT: People should watch my show because it is entertaining, funny, and there is always something to learn.

Chief: What do you hope your audience gets from watching your show?

LT:From watching my show I hope my audience gets inspired to create and do new things.

Chief: How do you hope to further influence, inspire or entertain those who watch?

LT: I hope to further influence, inspire or entertain those who watch, by staying myself and always willing to share new things I learn.