Around Town by Juanita C. Pearley

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

National School Choice Week

It’s the law to be able to attend school, but it’s your choice on where you want to receive that education. Private, Public or Charter school, the choice is yours.

In celebration of National School Choice Week, which was held Jan. 21 to Jan. 29, the Donaldsonville Area Chamber of Commerce visited local schools and gave gifts to lucky students.

Congratulations to everyone and always remember it’s your choice as to where you receive your education.

Courtesy photo

Pictured are students from ACHS receiving their gifts. Also presented, but not pictured, were students from Lowery Middle School and New Vision Outreach Ministries Charter School.

Jesus and Jerseys

The Mt. Triumph Baptist Church held a “Jesus and Jerseys” event on Sunday, Jan. 29. The adults and children of the church were encouraged to wear a jersey or t-shirt representing their favorite sports team.

All members were also encouraged to make a $1 pledge that was collected and donated to the River Road African American Museum in honor of Black History Month.

Auto Zone and Classic Cars

When you think of Auto Zone, you think of parts for your vehicle, but on Saturday, Jan. 28, it was all about classic cars. Auto Zone was the sponsor for Southern Xsyntrix Classis Car Club.

President Scott Dominique said it is an event they plan on having often to showcase their cars and mingle with people. His purple truck with the breast cancer ribbon was a hit, as well as, Bob Gauthreaux's classic 1958 Chevy. Make sure your check them out the next time they are at Auto Zone.