Story writing service looking to expand into Donaldsonville

Brandie Richardson
Lafayette native Olivia Spallino Savoie.

Being one of the oldest cities in the state, Donaldsonville and its residents have a rich history and many stories to tell, which is why Lafayette native Olivia Spallino Savoie is wanting to keep those stories alive through her writing company, Raconteur Story Writing Services.

The twenty two year-old recent English graduate began her company last summer as a way to merge her two passions, creative writing and history. Through Raconteur Writing, she offers to tell love stories, memoirs, tributes of deceased family members and business stories.

"I have always loved older people and history and I know Louisiana is so rich in culture and history," she said. "As soon as I graduated from the University of Louisiana Lafayette I immediately went to work and started interviewing people and writing their life stories."

The process to write a person life story takes much detail and work. After the consultation is complete, she will ask between 100 to 200 questions, depending on what story you want told, starting from childhood and working until the present.

After the interview process is complete, the writing begins. She said this is the most time-consuming part because each hour of interview time equates to anywhere from three to six hours of writing time. Once the writing is finished, and the manuscript has been reviewed, it will take roughly eight weeks to receive the hard cover heirloom book.

So far she has only done nine pieces of work, though is looking to branch out into other areas of Louisiana, especially historic cities such as Donaldsonville.

"I know that Donaldsonville is another quaint Louisiana town, and I am sure there are so many stories to be told there, all the culture that spreads over from New Orleans, I would just love to meet all the story tellers out there."

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