Donaldsonville upholds National Day of Prayer

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
D'ville community members from all walks of life join hands in prayer.

While Ascension Parish as a whole honored the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 4, Mayor Leroy Sullivan held a breakfast for D'ville at the Lemann Center bright and early.

In a moving speech at the end of the service, Sullivan invoked prayer after some of last year's tragic events. He mentioned Alton Sterling and also the Dallas police officers. He invoked prayer for the flood victims of last year's devastating events, close to home.

"It seemed like this world was turned upside down," Sullivan said. "Then this whole world started praying. This state started praying. The city started praying. And then came the flood."

He said that in the time of greatest distress, whites were helping blacks out of the water, and blacks were helping whites. 

"It didn't matter about color. It was all about love and showing that we care for one another."

Sullivan added that when the water subsided the hatred seemed to come back, so we have to continue to pray. He is thankful that no one lost their life in the tornado earlier this year.

"When you can see houses on the left and on the right destroyed and yet, no one lost their life, God is working," Sullivan said.

Volunteers served eggs and bacon to all who attended. People from many different vocations were represented at the Lemann Center.