MYAC hosts successful scholarship dinner

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Scholarship recipients pose with public officials.

Last week, Volunteer Coordinator for the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) Tamiko Francis Garrison reached out to offer us a seat at this year's MYAC Red Carpet and Scholarship Affair.

The event was held Saturday evening, December 9 at Palazzo Bernardo in Donaldsonville. Additionally, students were given Louisiana volunteer service awards. I've decided to list this year's MYAC Commissioners, who act as a liaison between the city's youth and the mayor and council. Congrats to:

Darell Honora, Jr. - President (DHS)

Micah Daggs - 1st Vice President (AC)

Kerrionne Brown - 2nd Vice President (DHS)

Nydia Cooper - Secretary (AC)

Madison Zeringue - Treasurer (AC)

Whitney Baker Sgt. At Arms (DHS)

Chase Southall - Chaplain (AC)

Nina Smith - Audit Director (DHS)

Alyric Asberry - Social Media Director (DHS)

Aliyah Winfrey - Parliamentarian (DHS)

Aaron Landry - Historian (AC)

John DeManuelle - Mayor (AC)

Morgan Lavigne - City Attorney (AC)

Courtney Washington - DPW Director (DHS)

Jalen Winchester - Comptroller (DHS)

These students are all leaders. Garrison has taken the model for the Donaldsonville MYAC and expanded. She also works with the Town of White Castle's MYAC, and the City of Gonzales has just recently begun their own MYAC, where Garrison will also participate.

The guest speakers at the Red Carpet and Scholarship Affair included 2015 DHS Homecoming Queen and Southern University student Mekhia Gauthier and Southern Law student Tre' S. Sullivan, son of Mayor Leroy Sullivan.

Sullivan's message resonated. It was that when the MYAC students move on to college soon, he hopes that they remember God in their lives when life takes off and things start to seem hectic.

CF Industries and Entergy were mentioned for helping this year's MYAC achieve scholarships and for making their Washington D.C. trip this Spring possible. But many more sponsors contributed. Music was enjoyed by the ultra-talented Michael Foster Project on the frigid night, as black suited and formal dressed attendees danced and ate a tasty meal to celebrate their achievements.