Look around, and you can always find someone who needs help

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

In recent days, a gentleman from Bayou L’Ourse contacted the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office to speak to a deputy concerning a situation. A deputy went by and noticed the disabled gentleman to be living in a broken down mobile home.

The home is not suitable for humans to live in. The deputy contacted Sheriff Falcon out of concern for the gentleman and explained the situation to him. Neighborhood friends had donated another mobile home to the man but he had no help to move from the ravaged home to the improved mobile home.

Sheriff Falcon contacted the president of LA Contractors, Jeremy Landry and sought some assistance to help with the move. On Friday, Mr. Landry and a team of his employees completed the move for the gentleman at no charge. Sheriff Falcon graciously visited a local supermarket and purchased several days’ worth of food and necessities to stock the mobile home.

The Sheriff’s concern was that the man was at risk due to the frigid temperatures.

Many thanks to the Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Leland Falcon, LA Contractors and Mr. Jeremy Landry and everyone who made this possible. Please lend a hand when you can as there is always someone who is in dire need of help.

Contributed by Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office