Around Town January 25

Juanita C. Pearley / Special to The Chief

Parent Participation

Parents of students at Ascension Head Start were surprised to know they were winners for attending a parent information meeting. The meeting was one of the regular meetings presented to keep parents informed of the progress of their students and other goals and activities of the school. The door prizes were donated by the Donaldsonville Area Chamber of Commerce. Door prize winners were Lakeisha Hayes, Demetrice Winchester, Janice Payton, Traniecia Garrison and David Hampton. Congratulations parents.

Community Leadership

Area community leaders met Saturday, January 20 at City Hall to discuss ways to implement the concerns presented at previous Town Hall meeting. Three topics of discussion were focused on: economics, housing and healthcare. By no means were any of the other concerns overlooked, but only three were brought forth because of limited time. Tracy Browning with Ascension Parish Tourism gave insight of how the group addressed some of the concerns of housing in the area. James McDonald with the Donaldsonville Fire Department presented the ideas of the healthcare group. Getting services and information to the public of all that Donaldsonville has to offer to its citizens is something that has to be made known.

A Beautiful Town

We take for granted because we are residents of Donaldsonville that there is nothing of interest here. Think again. When the city is seen by the eyes of others, it’s a different picture. As the statement goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is so true. I am always astonished to see how visitors’ eyes light up when they talk about Donaldsonville. Learning of the history, culture and local sights truly excites them. So residents of Donaldsonville, don’t take for granted what you have. Donaldsonville is beautiful. Try taking the time to look with a new vision.