Superheroes read every day

Halen Doughty
Second graders and their parents had a blast participating in the event.

Dozens of families showed up to Donaldsonville Primary School Tuesday evening for Family Literacy Night. The event's theme was "Superheroes Read Every Day," and students showed up in their best Wonder Woman and Batman costumes. Some parents even donned their superhero attire. The night was filled with reading activities for students in every age range from birth to second grade.

A storyteller read a book to students in the reading corner. The book, "Cardy the Cardinal Finds a Home in Donaldsonville," is set locally. Children were thrilled to see local landmarks like the church steeple and Louisiana Square come to life on the pages of the book.

Local artist Alvin Batiste illustrated the children's book. He came out to the event, showing off the original paintings that became the pictures in the book. By showing the kids paintings of places they recognize, he hoped to spark an interest in art for the children.

Students also took the pledge to read at least five books a month as part of the school's reading campaign. If students meet the challenge, they will be rewarded with free pizza.

Parents got involved helping their kids complete the activities. By involving the whole family in literacy night, parents are better prepared to help their children meet their reading goals at home. DPS teamed up with Ascension Head Start to include children ages birth to three in the family event.

The Safety Alliance was also present to teach parents the importance of proper child restraints in vehicles. Students could weigh themselves and check their height to determine whether or not they need a booster seat. Parents should know the seatbelt should be over the heart at all times and never up by the neck.

It was a night full of family fun with eager readers at Donaldsonville Primary. See all the photos here!

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