Lowery's Sampson uses innovative techniques towards a brighter future for students

Jill Stein / Special to The Chief
Paul Sampson addresses a group of Lowery students.

Lowery Middle is one of Ascension Parishes most impoverished schools.

However with an innovative administration team, Lowery Middle is significantly increasing parental involvement and teacher collaboration leading to a big reduction in disciplinary incidents.

Lowery Middle began using Kickboard in the fall of 2017. Kickboard is a leading software tool for teachers and administrators to collect, analyze and share data regarding their students' academic and behavioral performance.

Educators, and school administrators use Kickboard to improve school culture through positive behavior reinforcement, intervention management, classroom management, and school-wide culture analysis. Due to the great strides the school is making with Kickboard, Mr. Paul Sampson, Lowery Middle School’s Assistant Principal, was able to spearhead a campaign to have the school prominently featured in Kickboard’s newest instructional video for new customers.

On Friday, January 19 Kickboard was seen interviewing and filming students, faculty and administrators across the school for its new instructional video. Mr. Sampson also collaborated with Kickboard to have them become a sponsor for one of the schools Quarter 2 Academic Benchmark Raffles.

Kickboard generously donated several gift cards to this worthy cause. Mr. Sampson’s goal and passion is to provide a safe, student-centered environment to help prepare all students in taking ownership of their education to create lifelong learners and responsible citizens. He believes that every student can be successful and strives to make learning fun and exciting for students every day. His desire is that his love and dedication to students’ and their families’ always shines through every decision that he makes with a student first approach.

Through Lowery Middle Schools innovative administration and its unique blend of visions and values utilizing research-based high-yield strategies and traditional character building blocks the school is building a brighter future for its students.