DHS hosts parenting seminar on Valentine's Day

Halen Doughty

Parents, grandparents, and retired teachers gathered at Donaldsonville High School on Valentine's Day for a parenting seminar. The event celebrated a different kind of love, that between parents and their children. The seminar educated attendees on ways to raise healthy and confident children.

The event began at 9 a.m. with an educational seminar for parents and grandparents. Tables were set up with resources from the Allwell Medicare Advantage and the Southern University AgCenter. Those in attendance had access to information on preventing Medicare fraud, as well as nutrition. Retired teachers offered advice for interacting with youth.

Attendees even got to ride around the block in a limo. Mayor Leroy Sullivan escorted guests to the limo and helped them in while handing out treats. Demby & Son Funeral Home provided the limo for the event.

A band of local musicians performed. The group formed specially for the event and called themselves "Friends." Parents and children alike danced in the gym as the band rocked the house. A meal was served after local restaurants donated food for the seminar. Decorations for the celebration were donated by Flowers by Teapot.

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