They had to see it

Juanita Pearley
Paul and Barbara Cador from DeRidder, La.

Had to See It

"We had to come to Donaldsonville to see it," stated Paul and Barbara Cador from DeRidder, La. They were excited to visit the city. They said they had heard how beautiful and charming the city was and they had to come see for themselves. Both said it was worth the trip. They stopped by the RRAM museum and were touched at the history it has to offer. “We will be back,” said Mrs. Cador, and next time we’ll bring others to share all of his beauty with them.

Rotary News

Prevost 50

Rudy Gomez with SSA Consultant was the guest speaker on February 8 at the Donaldsonville Rotary Club meeting. Mr. Gomez informed the members of the research information and surveys conducted to show the number of people that uses Prevost Hospital for their health care needs and services. He also shared how the hospital will be undergoing renovations again that will be beneficial to everyone. Not everyone is aware of all the services the hospital provides on the west bank. Prevost Hospital is celebrating 50 Years of Service to the community.

Not My State’s Flag

Do you know if the Louisiana flag you have is the official one for the state? The answer is NO. Glen Ducan with River Parish Community College was the guest of Charles “Chuck” Long at last week’s meeting. Giving a history of the Louisiana flag and the many different versions of the flag from 1902 to 2011, had everyone in awe as to which flag was the correct flag as described into law. To date, we will not have to wonder anymore because a new design of the flag has been made, and now everyone will have the same flag flying across the state. Yes, Louisianans, we did have a problem. But it has been corrected. Next time you look at the Louisiana State flag, wonder if you can notice the difference as to what is right or wrong or different.

Rolling Ministry

Pastor Charles R. Brown, Sr. took the message to the streets as he rolled around the community with a mic and speaker spreading the word to those that would listen. As he rolled around the neighborhood he frequently stopped to talk to neighbors and share a scripture and reflect on our blessings.

Pastor Brown and a few members of the church gathered to do community service by cleaning the Freedom Garden at the River Road African Museum. They will be planting vegetables and look forward to sharing the harvest with the elderly. The cleanup project is something the Sunday School Ministry has adopted and will continue to maintain the garden.

BRM D.A.R.E. Graduates

Belle Rose Middle School students held its graduation ceremony after completing their training and making the pledge to be drug free. Guest speaker for the program was Mr. Dontrell Green. Also present was Assumption Parish Sheriff Leland Falcon to give an encouraging word and inspiration to the graduates.