DVPS holds second annual talent show

Halen Doughty
At the end of the show, all the students took the stage for a huge group performance

Students at Donaldsonville Primary School showed off their skills at the second annual talent show on Wednesday night. The kids sang and danced their way across the stage, as parents and grandparents cheered from the audience.

DVPS principal Dr. Tennille Lange opened up the night with her welcome. She touted the students bravery for taking the stage at such a young age and told parents how exciting it is to see these kids give their performances all they've got.

"I live for stuff like this," said Lange. "I love to see my boys and girls dance and sing."

District parent facilitator Wanda August served as mistress of ceremonies for the night. Her lively performance on stage welcoming family and friends was equally as energetic as any of the students' dances. She welcomed assistant principal Hope Gautreau, who told attendees that seeing these kids have fun is what it's all about.

"I love when our children are outside of class doing what they love to do," said Gautreau.

Act I began with faculty and staff dancing the electric slide. Isaiah Mitchell then read a poem, and Ma'Kenzie Freeman sang "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch." The Orange Group made up of kindergartners Whipped and Nae Nae-ed before Chantz Rodrigue performed "Juju On That Beat." First graders in the Purple Group danced to "Rolex," and Ma'kathlynn Reed did "Can't Stop the Feelin'." A dance to "Chillin Like a Villain" by the Red Group of second graders finished out Act I.

Act II started off with a group from Donaldsonville High School dancing to "Finesse." The Green Group, comprised of more kindergartners, then Hit the Quan on stage before the Pink Group of second graders Leaned and Dabbed. Destinee Comeaux was next with her Stop Bullying performance, followed by the Blue Group of second graders who danced to "Emoji." Da'Liyah Vinning sang "All of Me," and the Black Group of first graders finished out the night with "Keke Taught Me."

At the end of the night, winners were announced for both group and individual performances. Da'Liyah Vinning took third place in the individual category. Ma'kathlynn Reed came in second, and Isaiah Mitchell won first place. In the group category, the Pink Group came in third place, while the Green Group won second place. The Red Group was the first place group winner and even took the stage for an encore dance. After the awards were handed out, every student hit the stage for a massive group dance.

A good time was had by all at the second annual DVPS talent show!

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