Around Town

Juanita C. Pearley

It may look like they are just sitting, but Sandra and Bernie Capone are enjoying the afternoon Earthing. This fast growing movement based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is good for vibrant health. Making contact with your body directly with the earth can make the difference in how well you feel, how much energy you have, and how well you sleep. So try walking barefoot or just sitting on the ground to recharge and reconnect with the Earth. It can be a pleasant experience. Try it, you may just like it, and feel the difference for yourself. Pictured is Sandra and Bernie Capone, Earthing with their best friends.

A Great Experience

A group of fifty-two six graders from Milwaukee came to the River Road African American Museum last week and was very excited to see Donaldsonville. It was great to learn about all the history here and learn about Pierre Landry the first African American mayor to know that you still have an African American mayor today stated one of students. Mayor Leroy Sullivan spoke to the students before their tour. Each year for the past five years a similar group has come to visit. Picture are the students from Milwaukee and Mayor Sullivan.

Rotary News

Darryl Hambrick, Interim, Executive Director of the River Road African American Museum was the guest at Rotary last week. Mr. Hambrick presented to the members information of the celebration that was to take place last weekend, but due to the rainy weather it was rescheduled, and about the Shell finding of the one thousand or more unidentified graves of slaves discovered. Members were intrigued by the information presented and yet in disarray to know that local schools do not come to visit. Only one group of students from Donaldsonville High School come as part of their class requirements. The Rotary Club meet every Thursday, twelve noon a Café Lafourche, 817 Veterans Blvd. in Donaldsonville. Pictured is President Matt Leblanc and Darryl Hambrick.