Rotary, Baseball, and Lemonade

Juanita Pearley
Matt Leblanc, Dr. John Stubbs, Juanita Pearley

Rotary News

This city has so much potential, charm and possibilities. Those were the sentiments shared at last week’s Rotary meeting as Dr. John Stubbs, Director for Tulane University Preservation Studies Department, informed the members of the research conducted by Tulane University students. Focusing on restoration and preservation, the students made presentations of how to renovate, restore and recreate buildings that can be used to accent the city and bring new businesses, new creativity to the use of those buildings that are already here. Although some of the buildings need extensive work, they all are very much useful. Join us at a meeting every Thursday at Café Lafourche, 817 Veterans Blvd. Donaldsonville, La. at 12 o’clock noon.

Lemonade Day

Saturday, May 5, 2018 was National Lemonade Day, and young "entreprenerds" were getting hands on experience in operating a business. There was several operating all around town, serving up the delicious cold drink. Some with unique flavors added to make the lemonade something special. The day was established to give children the chance to create small businesses and put them into action. Getting to know the responsibility of operation of a business, the financial aspect, and working as a team with others. Pictured is Jay and Emm’s Banks stand that was on the corner of Railroad Avenue. The siblings were making it work. They had a selection of other items to go with their lemonade.

Summer Baseball

What is better than hot dogs and baseball? T-Ball. The upcoming future stars of the game started last week. Baseball is a talent and a personal skill. Have you ever tried hitting a ball off a stick? No matter what you think, it’s not easy. Join these youthful, loving kids show you how it’s done as they go at it. When you hear the roaring and cheering then you know it’s a game somewhere.