Around Town: Cultural Visit

Juanita Pearley

Family and Friends Day

Pastor Timothy Campbell of the Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church and its congregation welcomed the Emmanuel Baptist Church in celebration of their “Family and Friends Day.” Rev. Charles R. Brown, Sr. delivered the sermon during the worship service. After worship, everyone gathered at the Frank Sotile Pavilion for food, fun and entertainment. Pictured are scenes of the day’s activities.

Cultural Visit

Students from Langston Hughes Academy Charter School in New Orleans visited the River Road African American Museum and the Freedom Garden to learn the history of African Americans, their struggles, accomplishments and achievements.

Students were fascinated to learn about the richness of Donaldsonville, as well as, to learn that he first African American mayor was a slave that brought his freedom. A visit to City Hall was an enlightenment to them when they met Mayor Leroy Sullivan. Pictured are students of Langston Hughes Academy Charter School.

Walking Field Trip

Second grade students of Ascension Catholic went on a walking field trip around town. Mrs. Becky Sotile and Mrs. Cortnie Goscha students conducted hands on fire safety with the Donaldsonville Fire Department. Elle Templet (pink) and Blair Settoon (yellow) demonstrated how it’s done to put out a fire with a firehose as they knocked down the water bottle off a safety cone to show accuracy of spraying water on a flame. Other students stopped by Bellina’s Corner Grocery to purchase snacks on their way to City Hall.

What a Blessing

St. Peter United Methodists Church has received a blessing of freshness. Church members and other volunteers help to give the church a new coat of paint. The church was in need of being painted for many years. Having been placed on the list of things to visit while in town, this will make it more appealing to visitors. The church is on historic register and has a lot of interesting qualities about it. Go visit this beautiful place which is located on the corner at 217 Claiborne Street.