Letter to the Editor: One Christmas Evening

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

Thanks especially to Cherri Foytlin for the idea and the donation of gumbo. Also, thank you Camp Leau 'Est La Vie for bringing the gift bags, candy, event games, and toys all the way from Rayne, Louisiana.

Thank you Pastor John Smith of Vision of Youth Ministries in White Castle, Louisiana for the donation of operation cost. Thank you, Pastor Harry Joseph of Mt. Triumph Baptist Church in St. James, Louisiana for the arrangements of catering, pastoring, and volunteering with the youth.

Thank you Mrs Renate Heurich, Andy Kowalczyk, Meg Logue, Alicia Cooke, and the rest of of New Orleans, Louisiana for their donation of food, drinks, and snacks. Thank you Prevost Memorial Hospital for the donation of the many catered cakes and pies. Thank you Angela Tootie Mitchell for the help organizing, transportation, and donation for supplies.

Thank you Pastor Byron Hawkins, Min. Mark Smith, Min. Fredrick Hayes, and Min. Michael Greene of Go Ye Ministries for the many donations of the big wrapped gifts and pictures. Thank you Delacey Joseph and DreamBig100, LLC for the donation of all the game prizes.

Thank you, Mayor and the Donaldsonville city council for the free use of the Lemann Center for the event. Thank you Donaldsonville Reunion Central's Venus Allen for the advice on this event and for the future planning advice. I also donated on behalf of the upcoming Fine By Me Computers, LLC and Be Everything, LLC for decorations and craft supplies.

Winners of either of the wifi speakers prizes and other prizes were Freddie Harvey, Na'Taesha Walker, Auindice Joesph, Bianca Joesph, Cleveland Hamiliton, and Kathryn London. Thank you all, who were in attendance. Thank you, newspaper editor Greg Fischer of both the Donaldsonville Chief newspaper and the Gonzales Weekly for the media coverage.

This event was planned and done in only one week. I am very proud of the crew. As the organizer of the event, I planned this to be a night to put Christ back into Christmas as we had games, prayer, and coloring books about Christ and prophets.

We had Jesus, snowmen, and plenty of food. This event was named One Christmas Evening: Christ, Snow, and Gumbo. Much love to everyone during this holiday season from Travis London and his family.


Travis London, Donaldsonville