Tre' Sullivan, native of Donaldsonville, graduates with both Masters and Law degrees

Darian Graivshark
"The Dream Team," from left to right: Tre' Sullivan, Whitney Stewart, Whitney Antoine, Farren Davis, and Travlaus Clark

Donaldsonville native, Tre' Sullivan, knew he wanted to do something in his career that would keep him close to sports.

Tre' played for LSU football during his undergraduate career, where he graduated in the Fall of 2014 with his Bachelor's of Science in Business, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

After that, he went back for not only his Masters, but for a law degree too. On May 19, Sullivan graduated Southern University Law, after also receiving his Master's degree on May 10.

"I knew I wanted to do something that would keep me near sports and had the potential to help a lot of people," Sullivan said. "My goal is to get into the corporate side of law, and maybe even real estate transactions or merger acquisitions."

His biggest challenges? Not realizing how much he would have to sacrifice doing both degrees at the same time. Sullivan says he would miss out on going to social events with his classmates many times because he'd have evening classes to attend instead. During the evening, he was a full-time grad student.

"For the last two years, I also worked part-time while going to school," he said. "I helped with the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus, University Athletics Compliance Department, Teaching Assistant, a Law Clerk with the Louisiana State Police, and a member of the Board of Student Advisors."

Sullivan really shows his passion for helping people with his business that he started this past December, called Napoleon Sports Group. The goal behind the business is to change the methodologies and strategies of young athletes on and off the field, as well as their financial affairs, in an effort to change the trend of young athletes going broke once they're done playing athletics.

"The Napoleon name came from Napoleon Bonaparte, who was in the French army and worked his way up the ranks. He led several successful campaigns during the French wars," Sullivan said.

His biggest motivation over the last few years though has been God.

"Believing in a higher power, even if I don't have all of the answers right now, helps me believe that he is going to direct my path," Sullivan said.

Sullivan also gives thanks to his family for their strong support system. He notes that his parents have always been so outstanding in their support and belief in him. Notably, his father is Mayor Leroy Sullivan of Donaldsonville, La.

"I also have a really solid group of friends," he said. "We call ourselves the 'Dream Team.' It's four law school companions. We all graduated law school with honors, all have dreams, and all have jobs that we're chasing," Sullivan said.

The Dream Team consists of Whitney Antoine, Travlaus Clark, Farren Davis, Whitney Stewart, and of course, Tre' Sullivan.

Outside of his education, Sullivan's hobbies include attending sporting events, working out, bowling, golfing, concerts, and cooking.

"I'm really great at cooking, actually," he said. "My favorite type of cooking is boiling or barbecuing. The people in my family are really big food critics, too. And they always love what I cook. So it feels really great that they put their trust in me when it comes to food."