Around Town

Juanita C. Pearley Executive Director, Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce
Day with Dad

AAU Hoyas Host Tournament

You may have been waiting for the NBA finals to come on Sunday night, but you should have been out to see where it all begins. Before they were pros they were “Young B-Ballers.” These young, never give up, group of basketball players have the heart and the skills to be one of our next NBA stars. The tournament was held at the Donaldsonville High School on Sunday, June 19.

Know Your History

To know where you’ve came from, is as important as where you are. The hot days last week did not stop two groups of students from Southern University New Orleans and Dillard University from coming to visit and tour Donaldsonville.

The students were amazed at the information they were given after touring the River Road African Museum. A walking tour of the historical sites had them requesting to see more. The purpose of bringing students to Donaldsonville was for them to understand their heritage and linkage to Dillard University. To truly understand where they are headed, they must understand the sacrifices and accomplishments of the past that allow them the opportunities of today, said Professor Jeff Benjamin with Dillard University. To see the old jail, and hear of the history it held from the Underground Railroad to the Civil Rights era was described as "awesome".

My Father and Me

Celebrating Father’s Day with your dad is the greatest, especially when you are joyful to have him in your life.

Community United

We came together to work for a purpose that benefits all of our community no matter what your age. Volunteers united on Saturday, June 18, to paint the Lemann Community Center located on Clay St., Donaldsonville. The city provided the materials and the volunteers provided the labor. The building has at some time in each of our lives, been a place for fun and celebration.

Volunteers came from as far as Thibodaux to help beautify the center. Thanks to all for your time and devotion to the City of Donaldsonville. Our local leaders assisting were Mayor Leroy Sullivan (City of Donaldsonville), Tammy Dale (DDD/Capitol One), Raymond Aucoin, Reginald Francis, Lauthaught Delaney, Brent Landry (City Councilmen), Allison B. Hudson (APSO), Robyn Penn Delaney (APSB District 1), Heidi Pearley (OneVoice) and Juanita C. Pearley (Donaldsonville Area Chamber of Commerce).