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Juanita C. Pearley Executive Director, Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce
A Welcomed Sight

A Welcomed Sight

It’s back, and much welcomed.

The street sweeper had not been in operation because of repairs that were needed. But last Friday it made its appearance once again. After the ACHS homecoming parade the sweeper immediately went to work to clean up Railroad Ave. Although it would have been a tremendous help after the big Donaldsonville High parade, residents are just happy that it’s back to keep our streets clean.

Traffic Jam

In case you were wondering what it was or why the delay and major traffic jam that occurred last Thursday, it was due to an enormous 300 feet container that was being delivered to CF Industries. The slow moving voyage caused a delay in traffic as far back as ten miles. Inch by inch it finally reached its destination safely.

CF Industries celebrates 50 years

The celebration of 50 years of operations for CF Industries was held Wednesday, Oct 12.

Lou Frey opened the program with a brief introduction of the plant followed by the blessing by Mayor Leroy Sullivan.

It was a great reception with delicious food and drinks and prizes.

A slide presentation was shown of employees throughout the years of operation.