Around Town

Juanita C. Pearley Executive Director, Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce
An Evening of Laughs.

An Evening of Laughs

The Grapevine was the place to be Monday night as the Cajun comedian - John Morgan - made this the hot spot of the evening.

Morgan gave a great performance by keeping the guest laughing the entire night. The event was a fundraiser given by the Donaldsonville Area Chamber of Commerce. The annual event has become the event of the year, one that you would not have wanted to miss.

Chamber President John Daigle and Executive Director Juanita C. Pearley began the night by welcoming the guests. Thereafter everyone had a wonderful time as they enjoyed a delicious meal and unlimited drinks.

Special thanks from the Chamber to everyone for their ticket purchase and to Mr. Brent Barbier for providing the venue.

Lilly’s Loss

The cute little fan was very upset to know the football game was over.

It was a beautiful afternoon to watch the Ascension Catholic Middle School football game, until the clock ran out and the game was over. Her heart was broken and the tears flowing and knowing we lost, was way more than she could stand. Lilly was very upset that the game was over and now she had to go home.

Hi, how are you?

That seems to be the opening line when you see someone “around town.”

This weekend being cordial and speaking to a stranger became a wonderful introduction. As I happened to start talking about the City of Donaldsonville and its history, I later learned that the person I was speaking with is a screenwriter, playwright, producer, director and author, of “The Guardian” - Keisha Orphey.

The native of Lafayette and was just passing through Donaldsonville admiring its charm when I saw her. She has written 23 stage plays and published three books.

As they say, you never know who you might meet today.