West Ascension looks for hope

Allison B. Hudson
Tree lies in the middle of the street in the days following Gustav.

Mayor LeRoy Sullivan said a conference call was held Friday morning with Entergy officials to get an estimated time on when power will be restored. Entergy officials said that their top priority is to restore power to Prevost Hospital, and the nursing homes. Tree removal companies have already began to remove trees on downed power lines so that Entergy crews can begin to restore power to residents. Entergy crews have been working to replace power lines that could be hazardous to residents. Mayor Sullivan said that the Entergy spokesperson couldn’t give an estimated time on when power will be 100 percent restored to the area. He also said that some stores are open. Leblanc’s Grocery Store, and Midway Food Store is operating on generators. Meat, ice cream, and fruit are not available, but other items such as: bread and canned goods are available. Wal-mart is open, as well as the gas station, and Walgreen’s pharmacy, with limited hours. Hot meals are handed out at Donaldsonville Stadium daily starting at 12 noon.

Residents are encouraged to help neighbors in clean-up efforts, and to work together and check on elderly neighbors frequently.

“The faster we can clear trees and debris, the quicker Entergy can restore power,” said Mayor Sullivan.

Mayor Sullivan and Councilmen are looking for volunteers to assist in the process of rebuilding the city. Volunteers can report either to the Mayor’s office or directly to the Lemann Center.

Residents are also reminded that the city is still under curfew, and officers will put this curfew in full effect. Curfew is 10 p.m.- 6 a.m.