Residents of the City of Donaldsonville:

Allison B. Hudson

In the aftermath of Gustav, the threat of Hurricane Ike was lingering over us threatening our already battered homes and debris-strewn streets. The city learned a valuable lesson. Our resources were stretched. The need was great. Some residents felt they were being ignored or over-looked. Others came to City Hall and offered to volunteer their services. At times of great distress, great success is achieved when all pull together. Our citizens proved that they may well pull together in the time of crisis. My heartfelt thanks go out to those of you that worked hard and volunteered your services. My apologies go out to those that felt that help did not come quick enough.

Again, we learned valuable lessons from this encounter. My staff and I will be looking back at this event and revising our strategies. We will look at what we did well and what we can improve upon to ensure that we are better prepared.

Many of you have called or sent cards thanking me for the city's efforts during this time. I appreciate it. I assure you that the City of Donaldsonville will survive in the aftermath of Gustav and our recovery efforts will be more than sufficient. Please work alongside me to get our city back on its feet. My door is always open.


Honorable Mayor Leroy Sullivan

City of Donaldsonville