Concerned parents demand answers

Allison B. Hudson

"We need the help of the parents and the community to make sure these children get what they deserve," said Garnett. "Parents have to hold up their responsibility."

Garnett also advised the audience with facts that although improvement of ACT scores going from 15.9 to 17.5 is a slight adjustment, a need for a better overall score of schools on the west side should be the main priority.

Donaldsonville Primary school performance score went from 68.5 in 2007, to 61.8 for 2008. Lowery Elementary went from 68.4 in 2007 and now hold a score of 67. In 2007, Lowery Intermediate struggled with a score of 53.8 and made minimal academic growth in 2008 with a score of 62. Donaldsonville High School has not made any growth academically holding a score of 62.3 in 2007 and 62.2 for 2008.

"With the lack of parental involvement, no one is suffering but the children," said Johnson. "We need to rally together to see change."

Delaney suggested that teachers should be taught diversity in schools. "Teachers should be able to handle all different races if they went through diversity training."

Monique Thomas, a 10th grade student at Donaldsonville High, said that she would like to see a voice for students. "We lack a student council like other schools, and we don't have an after school tutoring program."

A few councilmen were in attendance to voice their opinions as well. Parish Councilman Oliver Joseph advised parents to look into the freedom of information act, regarding public information that parents are not receiving from the school board.

Johnson advised parents that she would contact Superintendent Donald Songy, and set up a meeting to discuss the concerns of parents and students and to find out all possible outcomes to bring school performance scores were they should be.

Johnson left the audience with a few words to ease parents concerns. "Poverty is not an issue, and don't let anyone tell you it is. Community Churches need to get more involved, and parents need to be held responsible for their children."