Ascension Catholic wears down Assumption

Allison B. Hudson
A Bulldog player flies past a Mustang player in Monday night's game.

Ascension Catholic (4-6) led by K. Knight with 19 points, and Allison Falcon with 13 points. Alayna Falcon provided 12 points, and J. Dominique contributed six.

"I just told the girls to be patient, and I drill in their heads, execution," Ascension Catholic head coach Blair Bagala.

Ascension Catholic cut the Mustangs lead in the fourth quarter with a three-pointer by Alayna Falcon, and the Bulldogs took the lead.

In the final two minutes of the game, the Bulldogs managed a five-point lead, and then with a shot by Allison Falcon, put the Bulldogs at a win of 56-49 victory.

"I think we tried to force the first quarter, and I just told the girls to continue being patient, and that's how we came out on top," said Bagala. "I have a lot of respect for Assumption's tradition, and I think all of the girls played very well, and I am happy with the results."

Ascension Catholic girls outscores Assumption Mustangs last Monday with a win of 56-49.