Dorsey presents Donaldsonville with flag

Allison B. Hudson
Pictured is Mayor Leroy Sullivan and Mildred Dorsey holding the flag and plaque presented by Dorsey's son, Joel M. Dorsey. The flag is presented to the City of Donaldsonville and his mother.

Dorsey, in tears, explained that when she was younger, it was the community that helped her raise her children, while in school. "The babysitter made a difference, she was like my children's second mother," says Dorsey.

People make a difference in other's lives, and the support of the Church is very important, explained Dorsey.

"A good thing like such, can happen over and over, if the community would come together and stand up, together we can raise giants," says Dorsey.

Dorsey's mother said she lives by Philippians four, and often restates over and over. Every child maximizes potential dreams.

This flag is in honor of Donaldsonville, and his mother for raising him.

"The good I received, I want to bestow into other's lives," says Dorsey. "Whatever you sow, it comes back to you!"