New bakery brings sweetness to town

Allison B. Hudson
John Rodgers, director of Downtown Development presents Nora's Bakery and Bistro (Nora McMenamin and John Anzaldua) with a painting of their business by local artist Alvin Batiste.

"We love the area, it is nice and peaceful," says John and Nora.

When asked what inspired Nora to start a bakery she smiled and responded, "We were riding down Iberville St., and we saw the "for rent" sign, and I immediately envisioned a bakery. Although I was a banker by profession, I have cooked my entire life, and even worked for a few restaurants. When my father passed away, he left me an abundance of his recipes, so I decided there was no better time then now," says Nora.

The bakery is open on Mondays serving lunch only, and Wednesday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday mornings from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

"We are working hard to provide Donaldsonville with good pastries, and we have had a great start," says Nora.

"We opened with no advertisements, only by word of mouth, and it has been steady," says John.

The bakery offers a "Blackboard Menu" that changes daily, offering a variety of foods. One can enjoy their lunch and pastries at home, or choose to sit in the bakery and enjoy the soft music that plays in the background, or even enjoy the outside scene from the balcony.

The two have also decided to have "tip-jar," and every month the couple gives the money to families less fortunate than others. "The idea is to give back to the community, to the needy families who might not be able to afford the bare necessities," says John and Nora.

At Nora's Bakery, John and Nora prepare and bake everything themselves, and are also the cashier, and every part of the wait staff. 

While driving down Iberville St., let the sweet smelling aroma lead you to the right place, and enjoy the luscious cinnamon rolls, or the great tasting soup that is prepared day-to-day.

Owners John Anzaldua and Nora McMenamin enjoy the breeze at their Bakery and Bistro located on Iberville St.