LeBoeuf awarded 2008 Wal-Mart teacher of the year

Allison B. Hudson
2008 Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year

A check in the amount of $1,000 was handed to LeBoeuf to be spent on her classroom and students. Also, she received a gift card in the amount of $100 to spend on herself.

“Wow, I love Wal-Mart,” said LeBoeuf. “I am very happy to have received this award, this really made my day.”

LeBoeuf said this is a big deal to her and her family because she wanted to pursue a career in teaching and journeyed back to school at the age of 40, and maintaining two children, Troy and Mia. She said her husband Tommy, of 40 years, and children were supportive of her at all times.

When asked what her most cherished possessions, “ My children, grandchildren, Jackson and Camille, and my students mean the world to me,” said LeBoeuf.

She spends a lot of time preparing her students outside of the classroom as well to prepare them for the real world.

LeBoeuf is a former real estate agent for Casteigne Realty, a former recreation director for West Ascension, and an avid sales manager for two radio stations in Donaldsonville.

“Being able to have experienced all the ventures in my life, made me a well-rounded person, and having met people of all walks of life,” said LeBoeuf.

One thing that stands out about LeBoeuf’s past is that she was the first woman to ever be elected recreation director for the boys program in Donaldsonville.

While doing all of her daily activities LeBoeuf was hired to be a Chapter One Reading teacher in Ascension Parish. It was then when she realized her love for teaching and decided to set her goals and the present is evidence that she achieved just that.

“I want to share my success with all because I want people to know that no matter what age, you can go back to college and fulfill your dreams, no matter what,” said LeBoeuf.

Despite all of her achievements, bad health tampered with her several times. In June 2008, she was rushed to the hospital while tutoring for the GEE Leap test, and was told there was a strong chance of having both her legs amputated. Months later, she returned to work with both legs in great shape with lots of hard work and not accepting what was put in front of her.

LeBoeuf sincerely thanks her children and husband for supporting her and being with her every step of the way, and her principal Joey Comeaux, that is like family to her. Most importantly she thanks her students that she refers to as her children for keeping her going and being her reason to show up for work every single day.

“Going into work everyday to teach is the biggest gift God can give me at this time in my life,” said LeBoeuf. “If I can do this, anyone can!”