DHS celebrates Black History

Diante Phillip
The 2009 Senior Step Team performed a skit for the program on Friday.

“We practiced about three weeks before we had the program,” said Black Studies student Raymond Blanchard.

With many people to choose from Dr. Daniels was the guest speaker. He addressed the student body with a message of the importance of obtaining a degree.  He gave statistics of African Americans who graduate from college.  Dr. Daniel’s educated the students on other powerful men and women of African descent.  He made it known that Barack Obama was not the first prominent figure and should not be the last. Dr. Daniels inspired the students to  “know their past, to control their futures, and to control the present, in order to control the past.”

Dr. Daniels is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and spoke briefly about the heritage of fraternities and sororities in the African American community.

“Next year I expect the black history program to be bigger and better,” said Richardson. “The next class has to bring it.”

Expectations are high for next years program. The student body will need to be even more creative and educated.  The need to acknowledge black history is still alive and well at Donaldsonville High School.