Ascension Catholic Drama Club to Present Annie

Staff reports

Grace Farrell (Alex Matassa), the secretary of Oliver Warbucks, is mature calm, cool, and together. She is classy and businesslike when dealing with Miss Hannigan, yet maternal and loving towards Annie.

Rooster (Nick Weil), Hannigan’s brother and Lily (Ashley Barbier), Rooster’s girl friend are smooth and practiced con artists who plan to be living on “Easy Street” after they pose as Annie’s parents, abduct her, and run away with big bucks.

Oliver Warbucks (Gerry Laiche) is a self assured, confident billionaire, but awkwardly affectionate toward Annie, though soon he finds himself totally charmed by her. He has a staff of servants who are delighted to have Annie for Christmas: Sandy Pizzolato, Janice Burns, Teisha Daigle, Malaysha Stewart, Nicollette Blilie, Jackie Milano, Lena Rome, Debbie Rome, Clara Mae Landry, Chelsea Hager, Travis Hebert.

Many of Oliver Warbucks’ friends are eager to help find Annie’s parents. Among the most prestigious are Bert Healy (Scott Charleville) of NBC Studio and President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Merle Shugart).

Additional characters are Lt. Ward (Scott Charleville), the Dog Catcher (Travis Hebert), the Star-to-Be (Chelsea Hager), the Apple Seller, Malaysha Stewart, Bundles McCloskey (Mary Beth Garic), the Usherette (Nicollette Blilie), the Radio Announcer (Merle Shugart), Louis Howe (Scott Charleville), the Newsies (Guy Garic and Owen Theriot).