Local clubs hold first annual Easter egg hunt

Diante Phillip
Children were able to enjoy sack races in the park after the Easter egg hunt.

Children also enjoyed flag football, baseball and volleyball games.  They also participated in numerous relays including the wheel barrel race and sack race.  During the sack race the children were separated according to age groups then competed against one another.  The adults also took part in the festivities competing in the sack race.  Everyone in attendance participated in a dance competition. While music played everyone danced around in a scramble for Easter baskets and treats.  Names were pulled and the winners would receive Easter baskets with many goodies.

The cooperation of ASAP Riders and Shades of Beauty led to much success for the community. 

“Because we have so many different organizations in surrounding areas we just needed to come on one accord,” said President of Shades of Beauty Tamika Johnson.

The Easter festivity isn’t the first community-based project led by these organizations. ASAP has an annual back to school drive and also offer a scholarship for those who apply. Many of the clubs in attendance assist senior citizens in their time of need.

“Our club focuses on giving young children in this community a different outlook,” said ASAP members Oneil Robinson and Damian Pedescleaux. “We all have legit jobs and are happy to give back to the community.”

This year was the first annual Easter event ever hosted by any of the organizations. The city of Donaldsonville can expect to see the same event for years to come, just bigger and better. 

Children of all ages came out to enjoy the festivities on Saturday in Louisiana Square.