Donaldsonville receives sidewalk makeover

Allison B. Hudson
Phase one has begun in the sidewalk project that was on hold for nearly five years.

" I think the bricks are one more step towards the future of Donaldsonville being based on its history.  At the start of the sidewalk removal process, the construction crew uncovered sections of the original brick sidewalks laid in front of Crescent Park and the Lemann Building,” said John Rodgers, President of Downtown Development.

The upgrades will take place on Mississippi Street from Crescent Park to Lessard Street. Also both sides of the street on Railroad Avenue ending behind Capital One Bank and the Donaldsonville Museum.

This project has been in the works for at least five years, and was recently approved to begin construction two weeks ago. The project is funded by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

“Knowing that we are going back to the way things were originally in the city--brick sidewalks, restored buildings, pride of ownership, community pride, Southern hospitality--that's what makes the hard work from everyone involved in these projects worthwhile.  That's what makes the City and Downtown Development District work so well together, and what makes us push through the challenges we face on a daily basis," added Rodgers.

The engineers for this project are GSA engineers and the entire project is managed and supervised by the Downtown Development.

Construction is well underway on Railroad Avenue in phase one of the sidewalk project.