School Board appoints principals

Michael Tortorich

The following four educators will become assistant principals:

• Susan Jordan will move from Dutchtown Middle to a new post at Lakeside Primary.

• Patricia Espinoza will leave Duplessis Primary to take a position at Spanish Lake Primary.

• Cynthia Jackson will move from Central Elementary to Central Primary.

• Jeremy Muse, also from Central Elementary, will move to Central Middle.

In another matter, the board approved th e chaning of the name of Central Elementary to Central Middle.

In other action, the board upheld the recommendation of expulsion for a Dutchtown High School student.

The girl, identified only as “J.W.,” will be assigned to the parish’s alternative school for a year.

The girl’s father appeared before the board and implored members to allow his daughter back to school.

He said the “whole process has been unfair.”

Assistant District Attorney Tonya Clark, who provides legal services for the school district, said she looks at expulsions on a case-by-case basis.

Clark concluded that the board followed the procedure in accordance with policies in place.

In other district news, two teacher job fairs have been scheduled for May.

The first will be Saturday, May 2 at the East Ascension High School Cafeteria. The second will be Wednesday, May 27, at the Dutchtown High School Gymnasium.

For more information on the job fairs, see the board’s Web site at