Donaldsonville library holds tea party for mothers

Diante Phillip
The library placed books, and Dorothy’s silver slippers throughout tables in the library to remind children and mothers of the story, Wizard of Oz.

“My favorite part of the movie is when the tornado comes,” said Luke Bourg, 4.

The employees also gave a brief history of the story of the Wizard of Oz. The employees also stated the fluctuations between the movie and book.  It was brought to the audience’s attention that Dorthy wore silver slippers. The ruby red slippers that many have become accustomed to came after the movie was released.

“Some people don’t realize that there is a difference in the two because they don’t pay attention,” said one o the employees. “We host this tea every year to give mothers and children time to bond in a different way.”

The Mothers Day tea was an extremely fun and exciting event. The kids were learning and having fun together. Parents and children engaged in a bingo game.  All the squares were covered with Dorthy inspired tiles.

Refreshments were served and all Mother’s left feeling appreciative for the time they had with their children.

Children helped their moms celebrate Mothers's Day with a tea party at Ascension Parish Library's Donaldsonville Branch Saturday. Following a reading by an employee, tea made of orange juice and gingerale was served with cake and cookies.