Council denies spot zoning

Allison B. Hudson

"Spot zoning is illegal," said City Attorney Long.

Spot zoning is only done because the property owner wants it done. It is to single out a property for the benefit of the owner, regardless of residents and other property owners surrounding the property.

With thorough discussion and proper knowledge of spot zoning,  the council voted to deny the rezoning of Bayou Fish Market.

In other business:

A monthly update was given by GSA on current construction projects around the city.

Council voted to approve a pay request in the amount of $196,879.84 to Chambers Construction for the Donaldsonville Sidewalk Enhancement Project.

An update was given by the Code Enforcement Officer C.J. Williams on properties that needed to be brought up to code of the City.

Rev. Charles Brown asked how often are properties inspected to see if conditions are liveable?

Mayor Leroy Sullivan advised council that section eight properties are inspected on a yearly basis and this will ensure properties are up to code.

"What are we to do for those properties that are being occupied and the code enforcer has asked that a certain property is to be demolished," asked Councilman Reginald Francis. "We don't want to put them out on the streets, but we need to come up with a better plan for situations like such."

City Attorney Chuck Long said that he would send every council member a rental property ordinance book and it should address all issues that are being discussed.

The City Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at City Hall in Donaldsonville.