Residents voice complaints; Wiley takes note

Allison B. Hudson

A previous meeting was held a few weeks ago, and comparable concerns were brought up.

“I was taken back by the emotion and critique of the Sheriff’s department in the previous meeting,” said Wiley. “If had been informed about the meeting, this could have been handled weeks ago.”

Wiley said that he asked Aucoin to hear the audiotapes from the meeting and took notes off of what he heard residents express in that meeting and later asked if a meeting with the community would be feasible.

Since 1980 the city does not have its own police force but contracts with the parish Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement services, Wiley said.

To resolve such issues of noise and litter and similar problems, he needs an extra $50,000 for overtime and even offered a $25,000 match.

Residents and business owners were instructed to fill out cards with their names, address, and questions for Wiley and the council in a two-minute timeframe.

During the public comment section, Donna Schexnaydre, a business owner, asked the council and Wiley to consider that noise and litter has an impact on businesses. “Its mostly the late night noise,” says Donna.

Schexnaydre, along with her husband Kent, owns The Victorian Bed and Breakfast located on Railroad Avenue, which is considered in the downtown historical district of Donaldsonville.

There were several public comments made, but all were similar with complaints about noise, litter, and late night crowds.

“I will be a part of the solution, but I will not be the solution,” advised Wiley. “ “Along with the mayor, community leaders, and myself, we can follow-up to resolve these issues.

In closing remarks, several citizens raised the question of what is the next step?

Wiley said that this would not be taken lightly, “this great attendance, means a great deal of concern and we will work together to come up with a solution.”