School board pushes $100 million enhancement plan

Allison B. Hudson

*Donaldsonville Primary will receive its new facelift beginning with classroom additions totaling $1,700,000, a new bus drop-off canopy, set at $300,000, electrical upgrades at $120,000, and removing temporary classrooms. The school’s total of $2,240,000 for upgrades.

*Lowery Elementary and Intermediate School would receive $270,000 for parking and canopy expansions that would include a new signage for the school. If extension approved, Lowery would also get a new coat of paint to its exterior walls that would cost roughly $320,000. Also the school board would allow $260,000 in electrical upgrades to increase infrastructure and accommodate new technology requirements. The school’s total of $850,000 for improvements and upgrades.

*Donaldsonville High School plans are to build a new library totaling $1,500,000. Plans also include much-needed restroom renovations costing a total of $800,000. The Tiger Band room will receive a new look with renovations with a $150,000 budget. The high school will also be afforded to receive new flooring in its main building and also electrical updates that are needed in this new “technology area.” The school’s total of $3,030,000 for renovations and enhancements.

“Reading is the gateway for all learning, and we need the most up-to-date technology for all students,” said Pujol. “This is why we are pushing the emphasis on the parish-wide technology infrastructure.”

The school board also wants to include safety measures in this plan and heighten security in all schools parish-wide.

“With our new plan of installing security cameras at every school will improve safety,” said Songy. “The fire and police departments will be able to monitor these systems.”

The security infrastructure parish-wide is set to cost a total of $2,500,000.

“This will help with vandalism issues on campuses, and intruders on our campuses,” adds Songy. “All we have to do is roll the tape when such things happen.”

Songy stresses that it is important that the huge disparity that exists among so many of the schools be corrected. “We have to be a cohesive district equipped to manage our growing enrollments and growing expectations of our students. We must provide facilities that support learning environments to make every child successful in Ascension Parish Schools.”

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