Council files suit against property owner

Allison B. Hudson

Spano also advised members that the property had been surveyed and about four feet of the property owner's fence lies on city property.

Councilman Rev. Brown asked, "well how long has it been there?"

Spano said that the fence has been on city property for the last year or more.

Photos were shown of the property and Foret made no attempts to support his side.

"The photos are month old photos," Foret said. "I've cleaned up since then."

Foret currently stores debris and heavy equipment on the property which lies in a "R-1" area, which is a residential area.

Spano asked Foret, "what kind of image is this displaying for the city?"

Foret said he works hard and he has made attempts to clean up property.

The council all agreed that efforts are not satisfactory.

"I receive complaints daily, its unacceptable," Spano said.

Long advised that the best solution is to file suit, and allow him to present his case.

Spano added that he did not want it to come to this, but "if Foret is not going to do what is asked, then legal counsel is necessary.