Future Leadership Ascension Class of 2010

Staff reports
Front Row From Left: Kirsten Salles, Jessica Lewis, Jessica Viator, Kristi Fusilier, Claire Babin. Middle Row From Left: Kim Farrell, Joy Semien, Jaymie Walters, Emily Caruso, Macy Esneault, Lexie Breaux. Back Row From Left: Krystal Braud, Megan Pellegrin, Ashley Humphrey, Miles Holley, Matthew Hadley, Glynn Gross, Sarah Ball, Jeanne Gianelloni, Not Pictured: Arthur Jones, Denean Kelson, Tevin Wallace.

The Future Leadership Ascension Program targets students from six high schools throughout Ascension Parish, making a unique and diverse group of promising future leaders.  Each year, students will be selected from a group of applicants.  The students spend time together learning leadership, diversity, education, history, local government, and law enforcement in Ascension Parish.  Through interaction with community leaders, students will gain an in-depth knowledge of Ascension and will explore ways in which they can contribute to their community.  The program is designed to prepare, enhance, and motivate these students to become our leaders of the future.  Graduation from the program takes place in June.  Graduating students will receive a Certificate of Completion that will also be on file at the Ascension Chamber of Commerce as a valid reference for resumes and applications for employment or other activities.  If you are interested in the program, please speak to your school principal or counselor.