5 things you need to know about Family literacy in the Donaldsonville community

Allison B. Hudson
pictured is Rotary member Tony Bacala, Brenda Holmes, and Carol Collins representing the Ascension Parish School System. Holmes and Collins informed Rotary members last Thursday of the program.
Photo by Allison B. Hudson

1. It is funded through a two-year stimulus fund. Two certified teachers work with infants and parents to focus on folding literacy into lives of babies. Teen moms who dropped out of school are the targets for this program.

2. Teachers make 60-minute weekly visits and work on several activities. They focus on literacy and language through games, discovery learning, and enriched care giving. Teachers read with mothers and model read.

3. Teachers always try and leave one book with families to engage the child during the week. Monthly socials are held where families engage with other families. They also ask parents what they would like to see.

4. An assessment is done before and after the program, and a growth chart is done with parents on a monthly basis, this monthly chart allows parents to be involved. The post test is an assessment to see how the child has grown since the beginning.

5. The program follows the school year calendar, but has plans to continue through the summer. Educators are also working on transitional programs for those kids in early head start.

Program coordinators are always looking for books that are colorful, and well illustrated. If you have suitable books to donate, please contact Brenda Holmes at 225-621-2310.