Ascension Catholic’s Beauty and the Beast a pure success

Staff reports

Ascension Catholic’s Drama Club has been working for months to produce a quality play. As a packed house viewed the play last week every night, cast members delivered more than a regular play they excelled in producing quality.

In a faraway land, and Enchantress (Elizabeth Latino) turns a cruel, unfeeling Prince (Luke Albarado) into a hideous Beast. To break the spell, the Beast must lean to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose. As the Prince turns into a beast all of the people in the castle are transformed into objects as well: Cogsworth, a clock (Caroline Schaff), Lumiere, a candelabra (Elaine Pearce), Babette, a featherduster (Alayna Matassa), Madame de la Grande Bouche, a chest of drawers (Megan Mury), Mrs. Potts, a teapot (Rikki Bergeron), Chip, a teacup (Spencer Sternfels). The servants become tableware: a fork (Anna LeBlanc), a plate (Hanna Settoon), a knife (Elizabeth Latino), a spoon (Abigail Landry), a salt-shaker (Haley Bouchereau), and a pepper shaker (Jaxon Schexnayder).

Ten years later, in a small village far below the Beast’s castle, Maurice (Layne Barras), Belle’s (Ashley Barbier) Father, gets lost and stumbles into the enchanted castle. The Beast imprisons him.

To the dismay of the Silly Girls (Chelsea Hager, Heather Poirrier, Kayla Tripode), Gaston (Sam Mattingly), the village brute proposes to Belle. When Belle sees Lefou (Robyn Brunner) wearing her Father’s scarf, she runs off to search for him. Finding him at the castle, she offers herself in exchange for her father. The Beast agrees and the plot thickens.

The villagers delight us with song and dance: Caroline Schaff, Lindsey Harrell, Bailey Acosta, Haley Bouchereau, Braeton Hebert, Alayna Matassa, Jaxon Schexnayder, Alexis Falcon, Alicia Canatella, John DeManuelle, Emily Acosta, Madeline Sotile, Guy Garic. The Wolves haunt the forest: Guy Garic, Emily Acosta, Alicia Canatella. The Fairy Godmother, Mary Beth Garic weaves the story for the Princes and Princesses: Ali Burt, Cristi LeBlanc, Ella Lemann, Grant Matassa, Ja’lyn Payton, Emma Ball, Madison Capello, Ian Ewen, Kassidy Hood, Kai Mouton, Beau Delatte, Leslie Ewen, Ashlyn Montero, Claire Albarado, Andre Landry, Emma Palermo, Jamil Truxillo.

The Production staff is as follows: Director/ Choreographer: Jarrad Baker, Musical Director/ Producer, Sandra Mistretta, Set Design: Mary Beth Garic, Set Assistance: Guy Garic, Parris Stewart, Business Manager: Donna Barbier, Stage Manager: Lisa Matassa, Sound: Chuck Montero, Sandra Mistretta, Spotlights: Josh Traigle, Tyler Montero, Videographer: Sidney Vega, Cast Party: Robbie Acosta, Program Cover and Poster: Mary Beth Garic, Costumes, Mary Alice Latino.