Charter: Total defeat Parish voters deny approval of all 28 amendments to the Home Rule Charter

Staff reports

Ascension Parish voters overwhelmingly defeated 28 propsoed amendments Saturday that would have brought about the first changes in the Home Rule Charter since it was adopted in 1993, according to the Office of the Secretary of State.

Not a single charter amendment was approved, even those which simply changed wording or updated employee titles.

On the west side of the parish, voters narrowly approved two mills continuation proposals from the W. Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District.

A 10-year 5.33 mills proposal was approved by 251 votes to 235, or 51l.65 percent to 48.35 percent.

A 5-year 4.67 mills proposal was approved by 243 votes to 239, or 50.41 percent to 49.59.

The proposed charter amendments were grouped into eight sections for voters, based on the article in which the amendments were to be found.

The Article III amendments were defeated by 2,229 to 728 votes, or 75.38 percent to 24.62 percent.

Article IV amendments fell by 1,806 votes to 1,114, or 61.85 percent to 38.15 percent.

The Article IV proposition was defeated 1,918 votes to 990, or 65.96 percent to 34.04 percent.

Article V fell by 1,851 votes to 1,023, or 64.41 percent to 35.59 percent.

Article VI was defeated by 1,950 votes to 960, or 67.01 percent to 32.99 percent.

Article VII received 1,751 votes for and 1, 126 against, or 60.86 percent for and 39.14 opposed.

Article VIII had 1,745 votes in favor and 1,115 opposed, or 61.01 percent against and 38.99 percent for.

Article IX was defeated 1,675 votes to 1,226, or 57.74 percent to 42.26 percent.

The proposed changes to the Home Rule Charter were recommended by a volunteer committee which spent months in public meetings studying the document, and then approved by the Parish Council.