Athlete of the week

Allison B. Hudson

Devon Breaux not only excels in school, but also is an avid football, basketball, and track star. Breaux has led his Donaldsonville High Tigers to the top in every sport he has participated in.

Name: Devon Breaux

Age: 16

Team: Donaldsonville Tigers

School Name: Donaldsonville High

Position: Quaterback

Pro Athlete: Dez Bryant

Pro Team: Cowboys

Class: Geometry

Movie: Friday Night Lights

TV Show: The Game

Actor: Chris Tucker

Song: Lil wayne, Put me in the game

Band: Young Money

Awards: District MVP in Track and 1st team All district in football and basketball..

What I enjoy most about sports and athletics is being dedicated to something in life, and doing things some people aren’t able to do. Everyone doesn't have the talent to play sports like me. My favorite reason is I can play more then one sport, not all people can do that. I am grateful for this.

My most memorable moments as an athlete is when we played Episcopal in football and that was the week I also got picked as player of the week.

Someone who inspires me in sports is Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks because he's one of the best players in the NBA and the youngest. He's dedicated to basketball and he works harder than most.

My greatest challenge I had in academics was when I was an 8th Grader taking the Leap test. I haven’t had any challenges in grades because I excel in school. My greatest challenge in sports was when we played Capitol High in Football and we lost by one point in over time. That was a heartbreaker.

My plans after graduating school is to attend LSU and become the greatest Wide receiver to come from Donaldsonville and LSU and after obtaining my degree, hopefully finding a spot in the NFL draft.