Donaldsonville boys place fourth at state meet Breaux takes state by storm

Diante Phillip

Last Thursday Donaldsonville track and field team traveled to LSU for the state track meet. The boys placed fourth overall.

Justin Breaux was named state champion in the 200-meter dash for the second year in a row and state champion in the 400-meter dash for the first year.

Teammate Devon Breaux placed third in the high jump and fourth in the long jump. Long distance runner Jason Freeman placed fifth in both 800 -meter run and 3200-meter run. Titus Howard placed third in the

110-meter hurdles.

Relay teams did not disappoint. The 400-meter relay of Shaqeel Babin, Titus Howard, Edward Green and Tre Brown took fourth. The 1600-meter relay of Jordan Rosemond, Shaqeel Babin, Devon Breaux and Justin Breaux held fourth place.

On the girls end of the track a new school record was set. Teralicia Mercadel, Beaunca Lewis, Bria Sutherland, and Ka’lynn Jupiter were third in the 1600-meter relay but hold the school record with the time of four minutes, nine seconds.

The 800-meter relay of Teralicia Mercadel, Beaunca Lewis, Brionka Dunn and Ka'lynn Jupiter were fifth in state.

Jupiter, a freshman, holds the runner up position in the 300-meter hurdles.

Teralica Mercadel held fifth in 400-meter dash.

As the season comes to an end preparation is being made for the next season and 2011 state track meet.